Afloat again

It’s Tuesday night (28/2) and here I am sitting down, heater on listening to the water lapping at the hull and the wind whistling through the rigging. To me, this is Heaven on Earth! I actually feel like this trip is happening now that Fiesta is back in the water and my list of jobs is almost complete, well as complete as any job list on a boat gets!

Apparently I looked different when I face timed Sarah from the boat at the weekend! So there you go, four months of me stressing and wanting the boat to be ready now now now have finally melted away. I hope I haven’t  been an ass and Sarah assures me that I haven’t (she’s very kind)  but I know she is right, I am different. I just love Fiesta being afloat and ship shape and immediately I am back in my old habit of finding any excuse to leave my flat and head to the boat just to chill, update this, sleep onboard, head for home in the morning, shower and then on the train to work! I love it here.

One month until the start of my trip!