My name is Mark, I’m 41 and I have decided to take a 6 month break from work in London. I’ve sailed all my life and I bought Fiesta, a Prout Event 34 in December 2012.
I’m on board as much as possible all year round but I still want more so I have decided to embark on a sail around the UK. I love UK sailing so why not try to explore it a little further. Other than some visitors here and there, it will just be the dog and me.
The plan is to leave my home port of Bridgemarsh Marine, sail out of the River Crouch and turn right.
I hope six months is plenty of time for the trip without too much time pressure whilst taking in as many new places as possible, getting out and about on my bike, a bit of windsurfing and walking Max.

This web site will be a general account inclusive of some photos. It will also include details of successes and, although I’d like there to be none there will no doubt be some, cock ups.
Time will tell but I would like to be free of marina’s for three or four nights a week and will plan timings, destinations and voyages depending on the weather. My planned route will be via the Isle of Man rather than the West Coast of Ireland, on to the West Coast of Scotland, around the top and back down the East Coast. It seems that opinions as to a clockwise or anti clockwise circumnavigation are fairly evenly split so in the absence of a better idea, I flipped a coin….