Other bits

Previously unpublished and now including an update!



Ey up Brian

The Rocna, my hero!


Stornoway to Loch Eriboll


Mountain bike tracks in Stornoway

Isle of Soay and ‘Avin it large’.

The Crinan Canal


A little bit of Ireland and Scotland

Ireland to Solva


Arklow and the crew gets a haircut


Tresco to Waterford


Falmouth to Isles of Scilly

Plymouth to Fowey


Going from the Solent to Poole Harbour. What an awesome sail!

Arriving at Lymington

2 thoughts on “Other bits

  1. Great review of your arrival in Weymouth; I’m sorry that I missed the “party” at the Jolly Sailor! I can sympathize with your Mum on the ferris wheel – I have had one experience only, at the Melbourne Fair when I was 10 years old, and I froze with fear the entire time. I probably will never bother again. This has turned into a happy party trip, between the serious sails from harbour to harbour – it looked like a fun family get-together! Up-coming Devon and Cornwall will not disappoint. Thanks for sharing your voyage with us, i look forward to new blogs. Smooth sailing ahead!!!


  2. Hi Mark, Sarah&Max, glad to see you are having a great time, just watched some of the videos. Keep safe and well. Keith & Sam.


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