After a slow down, progress is being made again!

So the up to date position is that Dave at DRS rigging, who has been spot on, has told me that we could be ready to re step the mast in a couple of weeks. This is weather permitting of course but this does mean that I am officially excited again.

John at Bridgemarsh has started the polishing job in order to get Fiesta shining again and once the mast is up its antifouling time and then IN!!!!!! I can’t wait for that and this is good timing because my job list is nearly complete although as Sarah, my girlfriend, will attest; the amount of time I spend down at the boat hasn’t decreased! I just work more slowly and enjoy being onboard!!

Come on good weather and lady luck, lets get the mast up and get Fiesta floating again!!!!!

Happiness is a man on his floater. Oh, that doesn’t sound right but you know what I mean!