First time off the dock this year!

Up nice and early on the 4th March. Genoa on the new furler, boom on, main on, lazy jacks and stack pack on, secondary fuel filter changed on the engine and I managed to find the source of an annoying rattle. One of the nuts on one of the engine mounts was busy vibrating off and the washer was rattling around. Will be checking that and either changing to nylocks or putting some thread lock on. With that sorted away we go!

Engine was running a little rough but it just needed a nice little run. New roller reefing is a dream, one handed now instead of having to wrap it round my waist and walk away from it!

I motored towards Fambridge and then turned and put the sails up. Nice force 3 made for a lovely little shake down. Went in to Burnham Yacht Harbour and had a little fun manoeuvring in the force 5 that had built. I feel rusty but it will come back!

Love being back onboard in the best escape module I know! Yeah Fiesta!


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