Beaulieu to Newtown Estuary

After a lovely peaceful night on my visitors mooring, I headed ashore to have a look around. I walked the river path along to Beaulieu and took Max with me. Beaulieu village is nice but I didn’t venture to the Palace or the car museum, instead I just headed back to Bucklers Hard. Its a lovely walk although slightly too long for my old dog and he dragged further and further behind until I gave in to him and carried him. He’s only little but in the end he felt very heavy and after a mile or so I resented his free ride so he walked the last part and then slept the rest of the day away!!!

I had thought I would stay in the Beaulieu River for two nights but to be honest, after one night and a walk into the village I felt like I had done it justice so I slipped the mooring and left.
We sailed / drifted out of the river in about 0 to 4 knots of wind and once in the Solent the tide was against us so our speed went to 1 knot backwards! The engine went on and we motored across to Newtown. It is very tough resisting a tourette’s outburst about this place. Instead I will just say that it is proverbially beautiful! The pictures below do it far more justice than my words can. We motored in through the channel close to the shingle beach either side of the entrance and into the calm and tranquility that is the Newtown Estuary. This is another place run by the National Trust and whilst there is a place called Shalfleet Quay that can be reached by road, the only way to fully appreciate this place is by boat. Lucky me…..We continued to and beyond the visitors moorings into a small spot where I put the anchor down in 3 feet of water (low tide). The only other boat in here with a shallow enough draft to get to me is the harbour master who works for the National Trust. He’s a very friendly chap with an incredible office. There is no charge for anchoring here but donations to the National Trust are welcome and happily given to keep this place protected. He has a 1960’s bus ticket machine mounted in the cockpit of his boat and you get a ticket following a donation. Apparently its the only thing that continues to work in the wet and cold.

Yesterday I went ashore in the dinghy with my clowns bike (fold up job with tiny wheels) and cycled to Yarmouth for look around. I went on to Fort Victoria for some lunch where I got a good view of where I will be sailing out once my my Solent visit is complete.
I rode back to Shalfleet Quay, chucked everything back in the dinghy and relieved Max of his watch. I must admit that I was happy to be back onboard. I have really enjoyed the solitude of this place for the last couple of days. Later on this morning I will be upping anchor and heading to Lymington. I sailed from Lymington Town Sailing Club with Joanna many years ago so Im looking forward to going back there. It also gives me a chance to refill my water tanks and get some supplies in town. Firstly, Im off to walk the hound. Its another beautiful morning out there.

Just inside the entrance to the Beaulieu River


Fiesta in Beaulieu River


Bucklers Hard


P1010217Newtown Estuary


Not a bad Monday morning 


Shalfleet Quay


Lazy little prick (none taken)


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