The gift that keeps giving.

I’m definitely not yet used to being unemployed or not having the little red flashing light of a blackberry in my life. It’s Tuesday morning and everyone has gone back to work after the Easter break and I feel like I am pulling a sickie or something. I’m also on my own now. After a shade over two weeks since the start of my trip and having spent a lot of time with family and friends, it is just Max and me for a while.
Thank you Sarah, we had a great weekend didn’t we. We went back to Emsworth Yacht Harbour yesterday so Sarah could get to the station and ultimately back to London and I didn’t envy you having to leave this place.

My last blog was from Dell Quay. From there we went on to Bosham which was only an hour or so away. The Harbour Master’s number was in the almanac and in keeping with this place he was incredibly friendly and really helpful. Its clear that I am dealing with good people who love what they do.
We had the choice of picking up a mooring buoy or mooring up alongside the town’s quay, which is what we chose to do. There are some nasty looking piles there so you need fender boards so as not to damage the side of the boat but the harbour master supplied these so soon we were all settled right in the middle of the action with the busy sailing club right there, a beautiful view of the church, village green and we even had access to water and electricity right next to Fiesta.
I am officially bored of seeing myself type this but here I go again…… Bosham is simply beautiful! Bosham is a National Trust site so is protected against any dodgy development and beauty is everywhere you look. Honestly, it makes your neck ache in the end and my chin hasn’t spent so much time on the floor since the first time I went to Stringfellows so you can imagine the constant stream of OMG’s and ‘Marrrrk I love it here’ coming from the Canadian! We had a good look around, a couple of beers in the local pub followed by dinner onboard Fiesta. What a place to visit….

We backed out of the quayside on Monday afternoon and I was nervous. There were many opportunities to f*ck it up in front of a fairly big audiance who will only ever remember the cock ups. Im so used to sailing on my own that I find it hard to delegate any responsibilities but I did and Sarah nailed it. She’s not a bad crew you know.
Once you are away from the wall it is fine but we had five lines tied to the wall to keep us still and away from sharp edges so its about releasing the right ones at the right time and slipping out astern trying to look cool while quietly sh*tting yourself.

I’ve added another page to this site called ‘Other bits’ where our exit can be seen. It also shows some good crew progress by way of a newly acquired ability to coil a mooring line rather than just dropping it on the deck! Top marks for you there girlfriend. I tell you, this is a swell ship for the captain but a hell ship for the crew!!!!

Moored up at Bosham Quay


Not a bad spot to live


Here is Bosham Sailing Club, Fiesta’s mast visible over the wall


He loves a pint


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