Can’t seem to leave Emsworth

The old Doris and I had a lovely few days here. We got out and about with the dogs and walked a lot of miles. To be honest, I have walked poor old Max a bit too far because he’s got a bit of a limp going on. That is either his way of trying to get attention or it is because of too much walking on his 15 year old legs. He has had plenty of attention over the last few days so its definitely the latter. Going to give him a bit of a rest.
I haven’t had much luck in getting Fiesta booked into any other marinas. I wanted to go to Thornham Marina just around the corner from here which completely dries out at low tied so is pretty popular with catamarans or any other boat that can take the ground and remain upright. However, they have just started their early season dredging program and have removed some of their pontoons so again, there was no room. Should I be taking the hint by now? Instead of visiting by boat, Mum and I toured Chichester Harbour’s marinas by car. Firstly we went to Hayling Island where Sparkes Marina is. There was a regatta on at Hayling Island Sailing Club with about 100 boat taking part, all youngsters (bloody hell, I used to be one and now I’m referring to them as youngsters which makes me sound well old). We sat on the beach for a while and watched everything going on. After Hayling Island we worked our way around first to Northney Marina, then Thornham Marina where the dredging is taking place then on to Chichester Marina which is huge and very impressive where we stopped for lunch. The best thing about our land based exploration was that to me, although all the other places were good, Emsworth Yacht Harbour is definitely my favourite. So, staying here for almost a week now has been excellent.

Joanna, James and the boys came down yesterday and we had a great day together. Funny how it was a bit of an emotional farewell when I departed the River Crouch at 4am on the 2nd and yet a week and a half later, we were all together again! We had a good wander around Emsworth, ice creams, coffees and then lunch at the cafe here in the marina. What a great day and thank you very much for lunch Joanna.

By 4pm yesterday the silence was deafening as I was all on my own again. Joanna, James, Tom and Jack went back to find their caravan, or take someone else’s, I’m not sure of the etiquette amount travelling folk and Mum left to go back home.
So Max, its just you and me. After nearly two weeks away we have been left to our own devices……..Hang on, who’s that? Oh yeah, its my girlfriend!!!!
After some very typical Sarah like and totally infectious enthusiasm for this ‘beautiful little place’, an incredibly emotionally charged reunion with Max and a peck on the cheek for me, we headed into town for a few beers.
Welcome aboard Sarah, its really good to have you here.
We are having an Emsworth day today and plan on heading out into the Harbour tomorrow, hopefully to find a nice spot to anchor for the night. There is lovely little place called Dell Quay with a great little pub and if we can reach it by dinghy then that could be our stop for tomorrow night…….

Lovely morning in Emsworth Yacht Harbour


Chichester Marina


Sunset looking out of Emsworth Channel


The old dear on the whisky


Those boys have got really tall since I’ve been away


2 thoughts on “Can’t seem to leave Emsworth

  1. Hi Mark and Max,
    Thank you for a lovely day on Thursday. It was great to catch up with you, Max and of course Doris! Emsworth is a beautiful place, certainly a good find. You will be pleased to know we did find our caravan so didn’t need to take anyone else’s! Tom didn’t want to leave and wanted to spend the whole trip with his Uncle Mark! We will look forward to visiting you again soon xx J, J, T, J and R 🐾 X


  2. Sarah and mark your escapades are making us laugh a lot. Keep it up Sarah! Looking forward to seeing you and your pink wheelie case in Ireland! Amy and Maria


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